Vampires Dawn: Deceit of Heretics

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The story of the game is about the vampire Vince, who is fighting against the holy crusade of men. At his side he has his skeleton minions Romus and Manok as well as Lara, a young vampire lady.

The church is trying to extinguish all vampires, and strangely, some of the vampires seem to help the church by looking for other vampires to kill them. Vince and his friends are already drawn into this war while they try find out how what happened to those confused vampires…

Over 10 Hours of gameplay
- A lot of black humour
- Round-based, tactical battle system
- Over 200 items and 40 spells
- Extensive skill system
- More than 125 Maps to explore
- Interaction with NPC’s by talking, stealing, blood-sucking and transmuting

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