Street Basketball 1.0.7 S60v3

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Start out with the open run to refine your moves with the players, competition and court of your choice or if you're in a hurry, get a quick game in with the instant run. You can adjust your teammates and opponents to take advantage of each player's unique skill set. Play on one of three courts: Rival Park, TNT Park or The Dungeon. When you think your game is good enough, take your skills to the And 1 Challenge where you'll battle the best, most legendary ballers in the world. No matter which of three courts you're competing on, the intensity is sure to be high thanks to the smack talking announcers that react to all the action. Figure out your opponent's strengths, memorize their moves and create some of your own. You'll be well on your way to being king of the court!

Real street culture is simulated throughout the game with authenticity and attention to detail.

The And 1 brand is well-recognized as the most authentic street brand in the world.

Incredible attention to detail, both in game play and surroundings, to reproduce the real "street" intensity of playing on the toughest playgrounds in the world.

Includes the hit song "We be Burnin'" by Sean Paul

Run it how you want it, And1 Street Basketball contains a multitude of customizable options.

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