Resco Photo Viewer 4.50 Symbian OS9.1

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Nueva version de esta aplicacion que te permite visualizar imagenes en tu movil

Which images:

* Images taken by your built-in Nokia camera
* Images taken by your digicam
(Did you ever try to insert another MMC card into your phone?)
* Images received via email, MMS, beam etc.
* These formats are supported:
JPG (incl. progressive),
GIF, animated GIF,
BMP (incl. OS2 and RLE-compressed),

What can you do with an image:

* view (full scale or reduced)
* zoom, rotate
* edit (adjust colors, brightness, contrast)
* resize
* crop (save image cut-outs) NEW!
* exchange (via MMS, email, Bluetooth or infrared)
* manage (copy, move, rename, delete)

What else can you do:

* watch animations
* view multi-page faxes NEW!
* run slide show with attractive transition effects
* manage folders

Other features:

* speed (fastest viewer on the market)
* list or icon view with three different icon sizes
* resize images to fit or fill the screen, display in full size
* multi-selection support for file operations, beam and slideshow


Certified by Symbian signed
Improved TIFF/FAX support
Support for JPEG2000 file extensions
More slideshow durations (up to 5 minutes)
Add image to contact
Improved support for Nokia E90
Improved quality of zoomed out images
Info about currently displayed image
Optional ask before exiting application

Compatible Devices

Nokia N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N93,
Nokia E50, E60, E61, E62, E70,
Nokia 3250, 5500 Sport

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