Protege tu informacion en tu movil symbian

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Aplicación para proteger tus archivos personales con contraseña.

Smart Guard is a Symbian Application ensuring Complete Secrecy of all the Data on Mobile Devices.

Protects all your Private Information (like Messages, Contacts, Videos, Pictures etc.) both in the Internal Memory and on the Memory Cards and hides it so that no one else Except the Phone Owner can ever see the Content without knowing the PASSWORD, & would not even know that there are some Data or Files inside which are infact, HIDDEN !!

Smart Guard is the Smartest ever way to safeguard your Private Information or Data that exists in your Mobile Device: CONTACTS, ALL MESSAGES, GALLERY & OTHERS.


● Keeps user’s private or confidential information secure and avoids it from being used by someone else.

● Business Information or Secrets kept Hidden in the best manner.

● Frees the user from the threat of theft as full protection of data from being Misused is guaranteed.

● Application makes it Harder for some one to Spy on your Phone.

● No One (except User) will come to know about the Hidden Data or that there is some Data Hidden

● The traditional way of Navigation makes it Easier to use the Application.

● Blocks casual browsing on phone.


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